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Paralysed Rats Walk & Run

This is pretty amazing!

Scientists in Switzerland have managed to get paralysed rats to not only walk again, but to run and climb stairs!  This has amazing implications for humans.  There is a video that goes with the article.  Read about it here:


Memento Backwards…or Forwards.

This is ‘Memento’ in reverse, or rather forwards in time.  But backwards for the movie.  Anyway, it’s in chronological order.


Check it out!  It arrived today!

Serial Position Effect Flashcards

HERE is a link to some flashcards someone has created about the serial position effect.  Well worth a look.


Gah!  Just looked up the delivery date of the ‘Memento’ DVD I ordered, and it won’t arrive for another week and a half.  Stupid non Australia production!  We’ll watch it as soon as it arrives.  Not ideal, but we’ll make do!

I highly recommend that you don’t look up anything about the film if you haven’t already seen it, coz I think it’s way better if you don’t know what’s going to happen.

You know the film is about anterograde amnesia, and I think it’s a fascinating fictional case study of the condition.  I recommend you look seriously into what this condition looks like, because (as I have mentioned) we’re going to write a media response piece on how this movie reflects the reality of the condition.

Serial Position Effect ERA

You might want to do some reading on the ‘serial position effect’, so here are some places you can do that.


Brief article on SPE

A sample report on SPE

Action Potential

Here is the animation we watched in class about action potentials and how they work.