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I Promise

I promise not to mark your SACs like this.


Hi guys.
I’ve created an EtherPad for us.  It’s a place where you can ask me questions or have discussions with each other at any time of day or night!  It updates in real time, just like live chatting.
I hope you find this beneficial.

Just so you know, you can add to anything or delete stuff and it will stay deleted, so please don’t delete anything anyone else has written, just add to it.

Life & Death Of A Serial Killer

There was a really interesting program on last night on ABC2.  It was about Aileen Wuornos, America’s first female serial killer.  It’s an interesting case study in severe paranoid delusions and borderline personality disorder.


Hey guys.

Don’t forget you have a test on March 30.  It’ll be on chapter 4 as well as ethics in research.  So study up!  Jump online to for some practice questions.

QI – Optical Illusion

Here is the optical illusion with the face we looked at this morning.


Brave New World & Fry’s Planet Word

Last night there was a show on SBS called “Brave New World With Stephen Hawking”.  It was fascinating and they talked about some of the things we’ve been studying.  It’s worth a look.

We won’t have time to watch it in class, but you can watch it online for free HERE.


Also, Stephen Fry had a doco on the evolution of language last night called “Fry’s Planet Word”.  Really interesting stuff that’s worth a look too.  You can watch it online for free HERE.


Here is that short doco we watched on Friday about the woman trapped inside her own body.

One Stop Science

Here is the link where you can log on to an online version of your textbook, as well as access practice questions, videos and lots of other helpful things!

The access code is in the front of your text book, just scratch the panel to get it.

A Poem

Seven is red

Fourteen is blue

Synesthesia is beautiful

And so are you