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Study On

Hey guys.

I’d like to highly recommend you get a study companion for Psychology this year.  It’s not required, and it’s not on the book list, but I have it and I can’t recommend it enough!  I think it’ll help you get so much more out of the subject.  ‘Study On’ have a whole series of study books for all sorts of subjects and the psychology one is particularly good.  There are actually 2 of them, one for unit 3 and one for unit 4.  I think they’re $39.95 each.  They come with a code to log on to an online version of the book with practice questions and helpful study guides and places to keep your own notes online.  Very helpful for keeping everything together!

Like I said, it’s not required, but I highly recommend it!  Jump on their website HERE to have a look.


iTunes U

iTunes U is finally here! If you have an iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch, get it now!

The Brain That Changes Itself

I’m currently reading this incredible book called “The Brain The Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge.  A truly fascinating book about people on the frontier of brain science and the neuroplasticity of the brain.  I’m going to talk a bit about it this year, but if you can, I highly suggest you read it.  Seriously interesting stuff!