Hey guys.

I’ve set up a year 12 psychology blog to help resource you and create a hub where you can connect with lots of useful and interesting things!

I’m really looking forward to our class next year, but for now, it’s a great idea to know what you’re getting in to!  So HERE is a link to the VCAA psychology section, and HERE is a link to the study guide for year 12 psychology.  Have a read and feel free to ask me any questions.

Psychology isn’t a particularly hard subject, but there is a lot of information in it.  You’ll get out as much as you put in.  If you do lots of reading and make sure you retain all the things you learn throughout the year, you’ll do extremely well.  If you just coast through and do the bare minimum, your marks will reflect that.  It’s up to you!

I think Psychology is a fascinating and useful subject and I hope you enjoy studying it as much as I enjoy teaching it!