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Congrats guys!  It’s all over!

As I’ve said before, it’s been a joy teaching you this year.  I’m so proud of you all 🙂

Good luck for the rest of your exams!

Good Luck!


20121104-162732.jpgGood luck for your exam tomorrow guys!
Get a good sleep, have a good breakfast, do your best. That’s all anyone can ask.
I’ll see you tomorrow before the exam.

Sleep & Depression

I thought this was a fascinating article.

The Science of Sleep: Dreaming, Depression, and How REM Sleep Regulates Negative Emotions.

Sample Exam

Here is that really good sample exam I gave you today (in case you misplace it!)

Brains Differ

Very interesting article:


What’s the difference between these two brains?

They both belong to three-year-olds, so why is one so much bigger? Because one was loved by its parents and the other neglected – a fact that has dramatic implications

As you prepare for exams




I just wanted to say that it has been a joy teaching you this year!

I have really enjoyed our classes.

You’re a fantastic group of students and I love the fun we have together 🙂

I’ve really enjoyed seeing you all learn and grow.

I love seeing you get excited about things and I hope you can carry that with you into all aspects of your future life.

Do what you love, put in your best effort and you’ll be on a good track.

Life won’t always be easy, but your positive attitude to it will make it easier.

God bless.

Miss O

P.S.  Here is a letter I wrote you a while back.

Past Exams

Here is the link to all past psychology exams.

Science is Awesome!

If an 11 year old can do it, so can you! Science rocks!

11-year-old Iggy just won the nation’s most prestigious school science award for an experiment conducted in his backyard chook pen (3 minute video).

Nobel Prize

Two American scientists have won the Chemistry Nobel Prize for their work concerning the “fight or flight” response.

When they were informed of the news, they screamed and ran away.